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Montanari Sergio is a mould makers factory. We produce moulds for leather soles, moulds for insoles, moulds for soles, opanka equipment, opanka moulds, opanka machines.
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Opanka Machines


Machines to camber opanka soles or other leather product that required to raise the outer edges (as bags, leather boxes, etc.. )


Having invented the opanka equipment, we are appreciated and well know all over the world for have been able to create a really fast and practical way to do this special kind of soles. Our method based on a particular press machine combined with moulds and other equipment, and this remains certanly the only ways to press the real opanka sole. It’s composed by two working positions, but it’s possible to expand the productions with the supporting of other machines. It is totally automatic except for the positioning and the leaving of the soles to camber.

The machine works with with alluminium upper parts and auto-modeling bottom parts selling separately .